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Best Microfiction 2022 guest editor

Tania Hershman, guest editor, was joint winner of Live Canon's 2019 Poetry Pamphlet Competition with her poetry pamphlet, How High Did She Fly, published in November 2019. Her hybrid particle-physics-inspired book and what if we were all allowed to disappear was published by Guillemot Press in March 2020. Tania is also the author of a poetry collection, a poetry chapbook, and three short story and flash fiction collections. She is co-author of Writing Short Stories: A Writers' & Artists' Companion (Bloomsbury, 2014), co-creator of the @OnThisDayShe Twitter account and co-author of the On This Day She book (Bonnier, 2021), and has a PhD in creative writing inspired by particle physics. More info at www.taniahershman.com


Meg Pokrass is the author of 7 flash fiction collections, an award-winning collection of prose poetry, 2 flash-novellas and 2 new co-written collections of flash, Picking Up the Moose, co-written with Jeff Friedman (Pelekinesis, 2022) and Disappearing Debutantes, co-written with Aimee Parkison (Outpost 19, 2023). Her work has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and international anthologies including Electric Literature, Wigleaf, Washington Square Review, American Journal of Poetry, McSweeney's has appeared in 2 Norton anthologies of the flash fiction form: New Micro (W.W. Norton & Co., 2018), Flash Fiction International (W.W. Norton & Co., 2015). Meg is the Founding Editor of New Flash Fiction Review, Flash Challenge Columnist for Mslexia Magazine, and teaches private microfiction workshops.

Gary Fincke’s books have won The Flannery O’Connor Prize for Short Fiction, The Robert C. Jones Prize for Short Prose, and the Elixir Press Fiction Prize. His latest collections are The Sorrows (Stephen F. Austin, 2020) and The Out-of-Sorts: New and Selected Stories (West Virginia, 2017). His stories, poems, and essays have appeared in such periodicals as Harper’s, The Paris Review, Ploughshares, Poetry, and The Missouri Review as well as in Best American Essays 2020 and Best Small Fictions 2020.