bestmicrofiction books

“Yes, this is how it is done. Beautiful, brooding, erotic, mysterious, idiosyncratic words shaped into thunderbolts, shocks that reveal what we didn't know we know. Words filled with promise, bewildering and enchanting us. This is flash at its best, flash now.” Jane Ciabattari, columnist, BBC Culture, The Literary Hub

“A terrific collection of ultra-short stories—complex, thrilling, sometimes just crazy-nutball, in the best possible way! Huzzah!” Frederick Barthelme

“These are small, arresting stories that cut right to the heart of the matter, demonstrating that a story well told, no matter how small, expands beyond the space it inhabits.” Robert Scotellaro

“A brilliant, moving, entertaining collection of very short stories, chosen by an editor who is himself a master storyteller. This promises to be a great series. Highly recommended.” Robert Shapard, coeditor W.W. Norton’s Flash Fiction International

“These short short stories prove that length means nothing, that indeed possibilities expand in inverse proportion to word count. These fictions are travel guides, conversations, spell and incantations, language feasts, character studies, lab experiments. They are stories in the wildest sense of the word: stories that push and pull at boundaries, stories that move mountains and dig rivers and do it all while whispering quietly that they can.” Amber Sparks