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bestmicrofiction 2020

“Yes, this is how it is done. Beautiful, brooding, erotic, mysterious, idiosyncratic words shaped into thunderbolts, shocks that reveal what we didn't know we know. Words filled with promise, bewildering and enchanting us. This is flash at its best, flash now.”—Jane Ciabattari, columnist

We are pleased to say that the 2nd anthology Best Microfiction 2020 will be published by Pelekinesis in the spring of 2020. The Best Microfiction anthology series considers stories of only 400 words or fewer. Co-edited by award-winning microfiction writer/editor Meg Pokrass, and Flannery O’Connor Prize-winning author Gary Fincke, the anthology will have Michael Martone serve as final judge.

In order to produce the best possible compilation, we are asking journal editors to submit up to eight pieces published during 2019. Magazine Editors, keep your eyes open for excellent 400-word stories, and remember we are accepting submissions through Submittable on a rolling basis beginning June 30th and continuing through to a deadline of December 1st, 2019. Please note: we will not be including work from anthologies this year.